Monday, March 25, 2019

2019 Gig Calendar update

MARCH 16th Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro 8:30PM

APRIL 14th Santa Fe Brewing Co 5:00PM

APRIL 25th Private Corporate Party

May 11th Skidmore's Holiday Bowl 7PM

JUNE 15th Santa Fe Brewing Co 7PM

JUNE 29th Seasons Rooftop  6PM

JULY 7th Marble Brewing Downtown 3:00PM

JULY 12th Santa Fe Brewing Co 7PM

JULY 25th Savoy Bistro 6PM

AUGUST 10th Rio Bravo Brewing Co 7PM

AUGUST 17th Westside Summer Festival 5PM

AUGUST 30th Santa Fe Brewing Co 7PM

SEPTEMBER 14th Skidmore Holiday Bowl 6:30PM

SEPTEMBER 20th Monte Vista Fire Station 8PM

"Have Fun" On The Radio Air Waves

                                                Thank you Gravity radio for spining our debut Album "Have Fun"

Monday, February 12, 2018



                                04/05/18 8:30PM THURSDAY NIGHT ZINC BISTRO 

                                04/20/18 7PM FRIDAY NIGHT MARBLE HEIGHTS

                                04/26/18 6PM THURDSAY NIGHT SAVOY

                                05/11/18 8PM FRIDAY NIGHT MARBLE WESTSIDE

                                06/03/18 6PM SUNDAY AFTERNOON SEASONS ROOF TOP

                                06/16/18 9PM SATURDAY NIGHT SAVOY BISTRO

                                06/24/18 3PM SUNDAY AFTERNOON MARBLE DOWNTOWN

                                06/29/18 8PM FRIDAY NIGHT RIO BRAVO BREWERY

                                07/27/18 7PM FRIDAY NIGHT OLD TOWN PLAZA CONCERT

                                07/29/18 7PM SUNDAY NIGHT LAS CRUCES NM CONCERT  

                                08/02/18 8PM MERCURY CAFE DENVER CO

                                08/18/18 5:30PM FILLING PHILLY'S WINE BAR 

                               08/23/18 9:30PM SWEET LORRAINES JAZZ CLUB NOLA

                               08/25/18 2:40PM NOLA DOWNTOWN FESTIVAL 

                               09/01/18 8:30PM ZINC WINE BAR & BISTRO 

                               10/5/18 8PM FRIDAY NIGHT RIO BRAVO BREWERY


                                       ( More dates to be added )

Saturday, December 9, 2017

                                                             VI.    SLYDEWAYS  "Have Fun"  Album 2017