Monday, February 12, 2018



                                04/05/18 8:30PM THURSDAY NIGHT ZINC BISTRO 

                                04/20/18 7PM FRIDAY NIGHT MARBLE HEIGHTS

                                04/26/18 6PM THURDSAY NIGHT SAVOY

                                05/11/18 8PM FRIDAY NIGHT MARBLE WESTSIDE

                                06/03/18 6PM SUNDAY AFTERNOON SEASONS ROOF TOP

                                06/16/18 9PM SATURDAY NIGHT SAVOY BISTRO

                                06/24/18 3PM SUNDAY AFTERNOON MARBLE DOWNTOWN

                                06/29/18 8PM FRIDAY NIGHT RIO BRAVO BREWERY

                                07/27/18 7PM FRIDAY NIGHT OLD TOWN PLAZA CONCERT

                                07/29/18 7PM SUNDAY NIGHT LAS CRUCES NM CONCERT  

                                08/02/18 8PM MERCURY CAFE DENVER CO

                                08/18/18 5:30PM FILLING PHILLY'S WINE BAR 

                               08/23/18 9:30PM SWEET LORRAINES JAZZ CLUB NOLA

                               08/25/18 2:40PM NOLA DOWNTOWN FESTIVAL 

                               09/01/18 8:30PM ZINC WINE BAR & BISTRO 

                               10/5/18 8PM FRIDAY NIGHT RIO BRAVO BREWERY


                                       ( More dates to be added )

Saturday, December 9, 2017

                                                             VI.    SLYDEWAYS  "Have Fun"  Album 2017

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Album Review 09/07/2017

Duke City, New Mexico native Ray Anthony founded the project Powerslyde in 2007. The debut album is entitled Have Fun (2017). Ray Anthony performs on this album trombone, piano, keyboards, vocals, Ken Mathis drums, Enrique Mendoza guitars and Steve Oliver  guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals.

All music was written & produced by Ray Anthony and Steve Oliver. Lead instrument of this album is the trombone comparable in style with artists like Jeff Bradshaw, Buff Dillard, Brian Culbertson, Trombone Shorty or Steve Baxter. Mr. Sauce brings this dominant instrument to full advantage. The arrangement is tighter than tight and the electric flow is spot on.
Do 4 U offers a compact melody with a strong dynamic even hypnotic twist. After a short piano introduction Ray Anthony turns on the slide again. Night Abraxas intermingles vigorous brass with fine tuned piano. Slydeways reveals a deep unbinding love for harmony and the melody has that catchy something.
R a Chill rides the groove for all its worth. The first track where the keys are in the frontline. When special joy for life is expressed in notes, then Have Fun embraces everything what joie de vivre can be. B Wit' Cha allures with layers of harmonic texture in an intimate dialogue of trombone and guitar.
Gasoline Alley Funk serves a blast from the past with a sonic fire power. Funky as funk can be. Final tunes are Look'n' Good Tonightin a vocal and instrumental version. A splash of disco fever with R&B flavor.
Ray Anthony & Powerslyde write with Have Fun the E in entertainment great again. A fresh wind of newcomers impressing even the old hands.

Hans Bernd Hulsmann
Smooth Jazz Promotion

Thursday, November 2, 2017